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Photo Album

  • Noah learning about transportation
  • Ashtynn and Matthew perfecting their writing skills
  • Emmerson in the library area
  • Triston enjoying his book
  • Mac enjoys the book monkeys jumping on the bed.
  • Jeromey likes to read when he is not playing.
  • Zoe  in the library center.
  • Matthew reading upside down, pretty tricky.
  • Kenzlee first day of school.
  • Noah reading his favorite book, Spiderman.
  • Ice cream with our friends.
  • Cousins sharing ice cream.
  • Ice cream on a hot day, yeah.
  • Breakfast with the group.
  • Jeromey kicked back.
  • Boys playing together. yeah!
  • Children outside in our yard.
  • driving the car and Andy waiting his turn.
  • Kenzlee and Emmerson sailing away.
  • Emmerson staying fit with our excercises
  • The whole group
  • Ashtynn being the little artist that she is.
  • Ashtynn getting her milking experience at the pumpkin patch
  • Mac trying the milking the cow thing at the pumpkin patch
  • Kids on the hay ride at the Pumpkin patch
  • Kids enjoyed seeing the horses on the ride
  • It's shaving cream time, let's get messy
  • Atleast they all smelled really good with the shaving cream
  • This was fun, they really enjoyed cleaning their hands in the soapy water
  • Raelyn close to first day, taking care of our babies, love having her.
  • Matthew on TV  our weatherman, one of many jobs we have.
  • Batgirl Raelyn protecting our other super heros
  • Halloween was fun this year.
  • Where else can you have a Ninja turtle, and two princess's and a ladybug having fun?
  • Ashtynn lady bug is playing with Dr, Kenzlee, and Andy, Ninja turtle.
  • Our  group January 2015

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